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"Heather was one of the trainers for the boot camp sponsored by the Summit Y. She was great! Our group always requested Heather. We would move our session rather than have another person! Heather motivated you to put as much effort as you could into whatever activity we were doing. At the end of these sessions, even though we only met for an hour twice a week, I saw results! I felt better, was able to climb stairs without getting out of breath, and my husband noticed a difference. I want Heather to be my personal trainer!"

---Estelle Lawrence

"I've trained consistently for years and began to plateau. Working with Heather has allowed me to revitalize my workout routines. Heather has encouraged me to incorporate many different routines and techniques that have targeted the often neglected parts of the body. She has assisted me with being more cognizant of perfecting my form in order to get the full benefit of an exercise while limiting the potential for injury.  I appreciate her training techniques and have been able to push myself to new heights as a result."
---Juante Vanterpool

"Heather trained me for 7 months prior to my 50th birthday.  She is one of the most dedicated, knowledgable, professional people in her field.  She increased my stamina, endurance, strength level, muscle tone, and weight loss.  We are friends, but she would switch to all business the minute the training session began.  Being prior military and remembering the physical demands of being in shape, I would affectionately refer to her as, "Drill Sargent Worthy".  I have and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know!

--Reggie Elikens


"Heather pushes me to the next level to help me acheive my dreams. She respects and encourages my progress along the way.  We do an early-morning boot camp together that keeps me tough on the trail."

-- Kara Richardson Whitely, author Fat Woman on the Mountain

(Check out Kara's story and her working hard with me as featured on NJN News Healthwatch Report-

"Heather is a great instructor.  If you are looking for a challenging class that combines intense cardio with strength and core training, take one of her classes.  I always leave feeling like I had an amazing workout!"

-- Jennifer Rockett, Certified Athletic Trainer

"Heather has a variety of different exercise routines and I feel like we maximized every workout and never did the same routine twice. Her education and athletic training background is a great asset to her personal training skills because she knows how to effectively train for a body part that may be injured or just sore without causing further damage to that area.  She is very knowledgable about the body and has a pleasantly persistent way of pushing me to be better at every session."

-- Candice Boaz, Sales Rep Johnson & Johnson

"Heather has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years.  She has improved my cardiovascular and muscular conditioning as well as my endurance.  I was advised by my doctor that I needed to work with a personal trainer and as a result, the medical issues that I needed attention for are under control and I feel great."

-- Jerry Deener, Attorney

"I love working out with Heather! She specifically designs her
workouts to meet my needs. She changes things up so I don't get bored and am always challenged. Working out with Heather keeps me energized and motivated!"

--Tracey Hill, Supply Chain Security Specialist

"Training with Heather changed my life in ways I never imagined.  I used to be one of those people who thought a good workout was getting on a treadmill and walking at a pace of 2.5 miles an hour for 45 minutes to an hour with zero incline!  Back then the thought of intense cardio terrified me and strength training was a totally foreign concept for me.  Heather taught me to challenge myself.  Cardio machines I never thought I could do, Heather made me try them and while it definitely wasn't love at first try I was committed to getting in shape and over time learned to have an appreciation for the machines.  Heather also gave me lots of encouragement and taught me the benefits of strength training and showed me how strong my body could be.  Working with Heather made me realize the amazing things my body is capable of.  For the past year, I've been taking spin and zumba classes and weight training. My next challenge is signing up for a boot camp. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could do the things I'm doing now, but now I know I can achieve any fitness goal I set for myself.   I still have a long way to go but thanks to Heather I am on the right path."

--Nikki Jackson, Attorney

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